Nevada Land Commercial Development is uniquely qualified to analyze real estate for acquisition, regardless if this real estate is existing income producing or vacant land for future development. The principals of Nevada Land Commercial Development (not including key team members) have over 30 years of combined experience in commercial and residential real estate acquisitions, commercial and residential development, land development, land acquisition, financing, overseeing of property management, all aspects of tenant negotiations, construction and construction management.

We analyze potential acquisition projects from a financial, development and construction basis. We perform intense market analysis, understand market trends and take a conservative underwriting approach within our financial Pro-Formas when analyzing the next acquisition. Through our long term business relationships with our affiliates such as architectural firms, civil engineering firms, structural engineering firms, general contractors, zoning consultants, environmental specialists, lenders and many others. Nevada Land Commercial Development can quickly access the opportunities for new ground up development, identify challenges for existing assets and provide comprehensive cost and return analysis for complex projects in our ever changing real estate environment.

Multi-Family Development

At Nevada Land Commercial Development we have a unique ability to understand multi-family markets, quickly access opportunities and have successfully developed over 1300 condominium and multi-family units in Nevada and Arizona. We have extremely well established development team with vast experience in high rise, mid-rise and traditional garden style walk up multi-family development projects.

Commercial Development

We have had several preferred development relationships with several regional and national Tenants in which we have created comprehensive roll out business models and developed free standing, neighborhood or regional shopping centers to provide the most attractive location and/or customer basis for their specific needs. We have performed numerous design build projects within these different industry sectors. We have extensive experience in retail, office, industrial and self-storage development.

Construction Management

At Nevada Land Commercial Development we combine over 30 years of general contracting experience and over 30 years of commercial development experience into a management process that translates into a passion for detail, process and schedule. We understand the diverse challenges in the construction process, we stay closely connected with general contractors, subcontractors and material trends in every market we are operating in. At Nevada Land Commercial Development one of our primary focal points is managing the development and construction process, our philosophy is that if this phase of the development process is not precisely managed and controlled, the end result will not be up to our standard. We work with our design and consultant team early and often as we are determined to identify as many of the challenges throughout the design phase so our general contractors are working with the most complete set of drawings possible.

Nevada Land Engineering Services

Nevada Land has over 28 years of experience in land development; including extensive work focused on site and civil engineering. Nevada Land provides engineering consultant services during the predevelopment and construction phases for both public and private Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Schools, Office and Warehouse projects. Our scope of work includes Civil Engineering, Land Development and Planning/Entitlement services for Due Diligence/Feasibility Studies, Drainage Studies, SWPPPs, Traffic Studies, Civil Improvement Plans, Grading Plans, Demolition Plans and Utility/Offsite Improvement Plans.

Property Management

Our property management leasing functions are outsourced to nationally recognized management firms such as Pinnacle and Alliance Residential. Nevada Land Commercial Development works along side these companies with an understanding that the long term stability of our tenants is essential to long term financial success for our development projects. Nevada Land Commercial Development puts a tremendous focus on our tenant relationships and the care for our development assets. This is how we showcase our finished product and we are extremely passionate about this area of our business.